paolo aizza


robert fripp

published on 29.10.2013

it is useful for a musician to listen through the ears of other musicians, players whose judgements they trust. similarly, with the work of visual artists: we are granted access to perspectives which, otherwise, we might miss.

i trust paolo's eyes: they see what I see, but with a framing and depth that encourage me to look closer. when I get that close, i see that paolo has been there already; and is waiting for me to arrive at the same point.

robert fripp, musician

roberto tomesani

published on 28.10.2013

he does not only take pictures , but he picks sensations. and, like all sensations they can not be explained, but only lived.
for this motivation only a poet could describe his work, but not his photographs: he would reproduce - with words - the sensations.
and so, it would possible to "close the circle" and take resort in how to describe the poetry in paolo's pictures.

roberto tomesani, tau visual, national association of professional photographers, italy

denis curti

published on 27.10.2013

the figures taken against the light given back black figures.
but the full light, the "mixed-light", came back imperious with an amount of informations, with all the poetry, sharp and precise, typical of the black and white photographs.

paolo aizza personality don't matches with the verb (imperious) that you find in his surname.
wise and clear, he draws photo-landscape that scan the borders of imaginary.
his photographs appears winding and tumultuous, smoothed and standoffish: falling stars but only blunted, avoiding to hurt anybody.

denis curti, manager of milan bureau, contrasto agency's photographers, italy

vittorio battellini

published on 26.10.2013

the first thing that touched me was his delicacy, his way of being corteous and refined.
looking at his images one feels that the man and his creations are one.
I was fascinated by the poetry of his black and white, I fell in love with his abstracts. magically, in these interpretations, I again find this poetry - a harmony of forms and colours. a composition that is not accidental but guided by a deep "sense" of style and aesthetic.
distant from chaos and competitions, through emptiness, silence, emotional contact with nature and its beauty - paolo manages to grant us extremely special instants where we meet our own essence.


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